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Image Selection

Image Selection

Willem's Art will print any image as long as it is to the resolution required for the size of reproduction required. Our customers can either:

Providing Your Own Image

If you are supplying your own imagery you will need to ensure the size you are supplying is a high enough resolution to be printed to the size you require. Don't worry if you're not sure. Simply send us the file and we can advise you if it is suitable. Simply upload your image using the hightail link below and we can advise you if it is suitable. Make sure you also e-mail us on info@willemsart.com with a brief on your order requirements.

Hightail Dropbox link

Click here to view a guide to the recommended file sizes for the standard sizes we offer for canvas prints.

Willem's Art accepts most file types but prefers to work with tif, jpeg and pdf files.

Willem's Art Library of Images

Willem's Art has thousands of unique images that have been designed by the owner, Willem van de Beld and other artists. We also have print licenses for a wide range of images sourced from stock photography websites which are available in a range of shapes and sizes. Check out our ever expanding current range by selecting from the categories listed on the left side of this page. We are always adding to our library of images so stay tuned by regularly checking our Latest Design section. If you wish to select from the more popular images from our range simply select from our best sellers which also have been conveniently categorised.

 Huge range of images


Stock Photography Websites

You may already have accounts with some stock photography websites where you may already buy your high res images. If you don't, Willem's Art can advise you on how to set up an account or can purchase these on your behalf for a set fee. The websites we usually access are:





Each of these websites have millions of images from which to make your selection. You can filter your search according to your subject. If the search results in too many options try narrowing your search criteria further. Once you have found the image you wish us to purchase on your behalf simply make a note of the unique ID number and Willem's Art will purchase the print license and download it for editing to your specifications. Once purchased we can change its colour, shape, create artistic effects or split it into panels - the options are endless! Willem's Art can only download images that have a print license available. If the image is classified as "Editorial Use Only" we are unable to buy it on your behalf. Note that upon purchasing images on your behalf from these websites Willem's Art owns the print license for that image and is then able to include that image on our websites.

Artistic Effects

There are so many ways a picture can be modified to create different effects such as converting it into a stencil drawing, pop art effect, painted look or vintage style... the options are as endless of PhotoShop! For more information on our design services go to in house Graphic Design

Here are just a few different effects possible with any image:

Many different effects are possible


Copyright ©

Being artists ourselves we always adhere to the copyright laws in Australia therefore any image supplied to us we deem as belonging to the customer and if it is not owned by the customer we deem the customer to have received the relevant approval to have the image reproduced. Willem's Art will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement as a result of the customer not having obtained such approval. If we believe an image has a copyright we may ask that you sign a declaration to confirm that you have received the relevant authority to use the image commercially but we reserve the right not to reproduce the image if we believe approval to use has not been granted.




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