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Shipping Options

Whether you require one canvas shipped across the world to your end customer or pallets delivered around Australia Willem's Art can organise this for you with various freight options.

Direct to Warehouse

Willem's Art can organise large orders to be delivered direct to your warehouse for the purpose of on forwarding to your retail stores or your end customer. Depending on the size of your order we would either palletise or box and will be guided by our customers as to their packaging specifications i.e. maximum pallet width and height. If you require pallets we will need to be informed as to whether the warehouse has forklift facilities as this will dictate the type of truck needed for the delivery.

Direct to Store

Many businesses especially retailers require their orders to be shipped directly to the appropriate store. Willem's Art can facilitate this on your behalf. We can receive bulk orders which are then divided and despatched based on your allocation or individual orders direct from each store. Usually stores do not have a forklift on the premises so our usual means of packaging will be to cartonise. To keep our products safe in transit in cartons we ask that orders for canvas prints are placed bearing in mind our standard box sizes. For more information on our standard boxes please contact us.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is becoming more and more necessary with the growth of internet ordering. Double handling products can result in damage, is time consuming, extends the period of time for the end customer to receive their order and is costly. Willem's Art can eliminate this hassle by receiving shipping instructions from you and sending your customer's orders direct from our factory. Should any packing slip information be required to be sent with the order Willem's Art will include this along with the product.


Willem's Art can offer all labelling services to enable your stores/client to clearly identify  the cartonised products. Our barcoding facility allows us to use your specific bar code ID for inner or outer carton labels. We recommend images of the enclosed designs as well as codes/descriptions to also be included on box labels to quickly identify the boxed product.

Shipping with Australia

Willem's Art ships across Australia and will gladly provide a shipping charge for your location once we determine the size of your order. Although our product is not of a high value compared to original artwork or high priced reproductions they are still fragile therefore we always ensure that sufficient packaging is applied to the canvas to avoid any damage in transit. Our designated couriers are aware of the fragility of our product as we apply fragile stickers to all cartons. When your order leaves our factory it is in perfect condition however once in the hands of a courier we lose control of its handling. We trust our couriers to comply with our request to handle the goods as fragile however accidents can happen. If your order has been damaged in transit we ask that you do not accept the damaged order and the courier will return it to us. If you do accept the order and find that it has been damaged we ask that you take photographs of the damage so it can be investigated. Be assured Willem's Art will always stand true to our workmanship and will replace goods that are proven to be delivered with a defect or have arrived damaged through transit once we have reviewed the photographic evidence. To improve our manufacturing process we may ask that you return the goods so we can thoroughly investigate the problem. 

Shipping Overseas

We are able to ship overseas however since stretched canvas prints are made using timber frames some countries such as New Zealand have strict quarantine rules governing the types of timber they allow through customs. Willem's Art uses Australian timber that has been heated past the degree of treatment required for pests to be eradicated. A certificate showing the treatment process the timber has undergone will be attached to your order for customs to review. New Zealand customs has reviewed this certificate and has approved our timber as acceptable however some delay or non-approval of the product through customs could still prevail. Since Willem's Art has done everything in its power to provide evidence of the timber treatment we hold no responsibility should the product not be allowed through customs.

To avoid any customs regulations you can of course order your canvas rolled in a tube which can then be stretched locally. Wallpaper and signage orders do not pose any conflict with customs and will be safe to freight overseas. Any import duties that may apply in any country are deemed to be the responsibility of the recipient.



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