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Signage and Banners

Signage and Banners


 All sorts of signage options

Willem's Art can print on a range of different signage mediums and to very large sizes. The largest one piece sign can be 3m long however we can also sew multiple panels together to make extra large signs. The type of medium selected will depend on your application. We can also offer a range of finishing options to suit your hanging requirements. All signs are printed on our state-of-the-art latex printers which produce very sharp, vibrant colours using our fade resistant biodegradable inks. We offer very competitive quotes and will beat any valid competitor quote. Our pricing is based on the size of your commercial application and the regularity of the work required. We specialise in large scale projects and will surprise you with our low prices. Our in house team of designers can also assist with your graphic design needs. Simply upload your image using this link: https://www.hightail.com/u/willemsart

Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners can be made using either an opaque strong weather resistant vinyl or a perforated see through vinyl. The opaque vinyl is typically used against walls or windows where there is some protection from the wind however they will withstand harsh weather conditions due to the durability of the material. If the banner location is exposed to the elements a mesh vinyl could be considered. This has the same strength as the opaque banner material but is perforated to allow the wind to pass through the material making it the perfect medium to surround building sites or as a fence sign.

Depending on your hanging method Willem's Art can finish your banner in a number of ways. Eyelets can be stamped around the entire banner or just on the corners for mounting on hooks or tying to posts. The sign can be hemmed for added durability as well as adding sail track if the sign is to be mounted on a wall. Sail track metal is threaded over the hemming and screwed to a surface. If your preference is to attach the sign between posts or other anchor points rope can be threaded through the hemming.

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Shop Dividers

Our mesh banner material is a perfect medium to use if you require curtains or separators within a showroom or office. They can be hung back to back for a two way effect and can be hung from the ceiling using a top and bottom hanging rail or mounted to a wall.

Self Adhesive Vinyl

Willem’s Art can also print on self adhesive vinyl which can then be applied onto walls, windows, metal or basically any flat surface. Select from opaque with a silver backing, see-through for window application or one way vision for obscuring internal viewing through windows.

To apply simply remove the backing paper, wet the substrate with a diluted washing up liquid mixture and apply the vinyl to your substrate. Move the vinyl into position and iron out any wrinkles with a window squidgy. This medium is great for indoor or outdoor signage where you have a flat smooth surface such as alu board, glass, plastic. Attach to lightboxes, A-frames or any hard surface.        

Hanging Vinyl Posters

Willem’s Art offers a complete service for all your hanging point of sale. We use durable thick vinyl that will not curl around the edges. With your logos and product imagery printed using state-of-the-art latex inks you can be sure your corporate colours come up strong and sharp. We also supply the hanging mechanism most widely used for hanging from the ceiling and can source other attachments as required.

Specification Sheets 

Click here to view product specifications on the opaque banner material

Click here to view product specifications on the mesh banner material








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