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 Customised wallpaper designs

Custom Wallpaper

Wallpaper is taking the interior design world to a whole new level with infinite application possibilities and ordering your customised wallpaper through Willem's Art means it is now a very affordable and cost effective option for either your own business or indeed your client's projects - big or small!

Gone are the days when you were limited to just the rolls of boring floral wallpaper you find in paint or hardware stores. As seen on “The Block” you can now choose to have your own image printed on wallpaper to your exact wall measurements! Opt for a mural effect showing one image split into multi panels or a traditional repeat pattern. If your wall space is relatively small you may even wish to have the wallpaper printed as one piece – a great idea for poster artwork or signage using a wallpaper medium!

We currently offer 3 types of wallpaper, water based or pasted based for indoor use and a paste based outdoor wallpaper.  Our range of mediums is ever expanding so watch this space!

Think of the numerous applications wallpaper can have for your industry:

- business signage
- corporate signage
- residential / apartment walls, entrances and even ceilings
- feature walls
- office receptions
- almost anywhere, indoor or outdoor.

Indoor Wallpaper - water applied

Currently there are 4 different wallpapers to select from. Your choice of medium should be based on the ease with which you need to be able to apply the wallpaper and the type of texture you wish the wallpaper to have.

The most popular by far in terms of value for money and ease of use is the water based wallpaper. This is a light commercial grade material 175gsm in thickness. It is pre-coated with paste which is activated by soaking the wallpaper in water. Once soaked the wallpaper is then applied to the wall and moved into position. To remove simply soak the wall for around 15 minutes and the wallpaper simply peels off with no damage to the wall underneath! 

Take a look at this HP wallpaper Youtube video which shows just how easy it is to apply this new product: 

How to Install Wallpaper (You Tube Link)

This video showcases indoor smooth wallpaper but we can also print and supply textured wallpaper (similar to the traditional medium sold by the roll in hardware stores) which is applied using paste. Again this medium can be used to print your own imagery. Textured wallpaper is slightly more expensive but is thicker than the water based alternative.

Click here to view the product specifications on Indoor Water Applied Wallpaper.

Indoor Wallpaper

Willem's Art offers 3 different textured indoor wallpaper mediums each with different looks and feel. The choice is completely down to personal preference as they are all the same thickness and possess the same qualities. Please feel free to contact us for a sample of each.

Textured T1

T1 is an embossed printable wall covering with a linen-like woven texture. This wallpaper adds a great texture to any wallpaper design.  Rather than having a flat finish, this heavy duty commercial wall covering is almost like a fabric. It is embossed PVC with a poly cotton fabric backing, perfect for long term decoration.

Click here to view the product specifications on T1 Textured Wallpaper.

Textured T2

T2 is an embossed printable wallcovering with an organic fibre texture. This wallpaper is perfect when wanting to create a natural, organic finish to a wall. This wallpaper adds a nice simple texture to any wallpaper design.  It is perfect for something different with a lovely matte finish. It is embossed PVC with a poly cotton fabric backing, perfect for long term decoration.

Click here to view the product specifications on T2 Textured Wallpaper. 

Textured T3

T3 is a Glass bead embossed printable wallcovering. This dazzling wallpaper makes metallic printing a reality!  Create stunning effects by using gold, silver, bronze and platinum colours. The perfect choice for high end use and special effect signage.

Click here to view the product specifications on T3 Textured Wallpaper.

Outdoor Wallpaper

Outdoor wallpaper is a great alternative to traditional signage which requires a smooth wall for firm adhesion. This wallpaper can be applied to any wall and looks great on brick walls where it can be molded into the grouting forming the shape of the bricks behind. You’d think from a distance that the wall had been painted! It is totally weather proof and using our latex ink technology the colours will not fade over time. Consider outdoor wallpaper for:

- hotel reception entrances
- swimming pool feature walls
- outdoor building fascias
- external display walls on office walls
- any wall where you need to make a big statement!

As with the indoor wallpaper you can be assured that the fade resistant inks and water resistant material we use will ensure that the wallpaper is made to last. It's a great alternative to traditional signage which required attachments.

Using the HP WallArt app explained below choose directly from the inbuilt Fotalia library and upload the image immediately to your online project.

Click here to view the product specifications on Outdoor Wallpaper. 

Wall Design Layout

HP (Hewlett Packard) have developed a fantastic wallpaper design website which is offered exclusively to their customers so we now invite you to create your clients’ wall spaces using our customised page. Before you proceed please click here for our HP WallArt Easy To Use Guide which will help you navigate through the your wallpaper creation process. Print out our clear instructions on how to use this website. You may also be interested to know that this website is accessible using an iPad (the technology is not yet available for androids but it’s on its way)! To access using an iPad go to App Store and key in “HP WallArt”. Once downloaded it will ask you for a code to access your reseller website – please enter 75BF1A.  

Create your own wallpaper design now If you would prefer not to use the HP WallArt service you can have your imagery prepared by our professional, in house graphic designers - you can simply e-mail your artwork to us using the following hightail link https://www.hightail.com/u/willemsart

Please provide us with full details on wall size, type of wallpaper required and your turnaround time and we will reply with an itemised quote. 


Important Points to Consider when Choosing your Wallpaper

Please take into consideration these standard sizes and processes before placing your order :

  • Each wallpaper panel is 62cm in width therefore easy to apply but there is an option to have wider strips (132cm)should a professional wall hanger be installing the product
  • Wallpaper is generally applied from the middle outwards so all panels will be created using this format. If you require a different installation sequence e.g. from left to right please explain this when you request your quote.
  • You must specify if you require a mural effect wallpaper i.e. one piece or panels when placing your order.

The HP WallArt website is set up with the settings laid out in the Specification Sheet so if you require different settings we will be happy to organise your project for you.


Willem’s Art is all about value for money so we not only have the best priced Australian made canvas artwork in Australia but we also offer the best prices for your customised wallpaper! Please do not compare our prices with any quotes you receive from overseas as our wallpaper is of a much higher grade than the typical material sold in China and the printing process is very different also. 

We quote for each project based on the number of square metres involved in your order so the larger the job the lower the square metre price. The only additional charges are for any artwork design and there is also a small fee for any images used through Fotalia.

Once we have received your order through the HP WallArt website or you have e-mailed your requirements through to us on info@willemsart.com we can provide you with an accurate factory direct competitive quote.

 Huge range of wallpaper applications





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